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Spinal Alignments are here! 
Range Before    After One Treatment 
Non-Chiropractic Spinal Alignments with M.E.T. ($1 a minute +$20 + tax)
MET (Muscle Energy Technique) is a low grade mobilization technique that resets the bones to their natural position; low grade means no thrust techniques will be used. It is gentle and precise, targeting only the bones that are in dysfunction. Chiropractors refer to these bones as being subluxed or misaligned. MET also targets the muscles surrounding the subluxed bones to reset the muscle balance, providing clients with longer lasting results without the jerky forces of an adjustment. These non-chiropractic adjustments are ideal for those who dislike getting cracked. Take a look above and below at some of our clients' results. Click here to learn more about MET.
Total Care Package ($1 a minute + $30 + tax)
Be prepared to spend around two hours in this session. The following methods are used in combination with one another to ensure optimum pain relief: Trigger Point Technique good for getting rid of knots and tightness, FDM (Fascial Distortion Method) great for unwinding the fascial fibers which envelop our every muscle, organ, and anything you can imagine in our bodies, MET (Muscle Energy Technique) excellent at rebalancing the muscles around our spines, and Lymphatic Massage useful in cleaning out stagnation in our systems. 
Lymphatic Massage ($50 + tax)
Sometimes referred to as Manual Lymph Drainage. Therapists use a very light touch to increase the flow of lymph through its vessels leading it to the filtration sites (nodes). After filtration, fluid is then circulated back into the blood system. Lymphatic massage is soothing and usually ends up putting some people in a state of deep relaxation, while others are put to sleep straight into the REM cycle, which gives people the chance to regenerate healthier cells. Click here to learn more about the Lymphatic System.
In the pictures below, the client's fingers are placed on the ASIS
(a prominent bone mark on the front of the hips)
Before (her hip was rotated back, which is why one side is higher than the other)
After one session of MET (Muscle Energy Technique) her hips are aligned
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