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Buck-a-Minute Massages. 
All massages are based on $1 for every minute of massage time. If FDM (fascial distortion method) is employed, a $20 charge will be added to the total massage price. 
What is FDM?
In short, it works with the fascia (i.e. connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons) to correct distortions that have occured due to injuries, sprains, strains, pulls, overwork, or even bad posture. It's deep work, it hurts, but results are felt and seen within minutes.
Lymphatic Massage (usual duration 40-50 minutes) 
Sometimes referred to as Manual Lymph Drainage. Therapists use a very light touch. The flow of lymph is increased through its vessels leading it to the filtration sites (the nodes). After filtration the fluid is then circulated back into our blood system. Lymphatic massage is soothing and usually ends up putting some people in a state of deep relaxation, while others are put to sleep straight into the REM cycle, which gives people the chance to regenerate healthier cells.
Deep Tissue Massage (usual duration 60-100 minutes)
This massage is infused with a few different techniques: shiatsu, myotherapy, fdm (fascial distortion method), and sports massage. Each one of these techniques is useful in its own unique way: Shiatsu (meaning finger pressure) follows the meridians of the body to restore balance to your system, Myotherapy is incredible at releasing key pressure points by using steady pressure on specific areas of the body, FDM gets to the root of the problem by addressing issues at the fascial (connective tissue) level, and Sports Massage brings deep tissue and stretching together to allow the mucles to regain strength and flexibility.
Combo Massage (usual duration 70-120 minutes)
This massage uses all the techniques from the deep tissue massage and adds a lymphatic drainage massage to flush away the toxins that are released during the deep tissue work.
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